Protecting your children from indecent porn imagery

porn blocker
Porn Blocker 2000 is the world's most advanced software to help protect your children from the harm of adult imagery when browsing the internet. With abundance of adult images populating the worldwide web never has it been more important to protect your child from view such indecent material.

Our internet porn blocker is truly powerful when it comes to protecting your child from porn on the web. The software uses advanced algorithms and cooperates with known website blacklists to be the ultimate anti porn blocker. You will be safe in knowing you children's browsing is filtered from such objects.

A variety of web browsers are fully compatible with our porn blocker software, include Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape and several others. Every single porn website and software is totally filtered out by our porn sites blocker. With a 99% industrial approved rating for the anti-porn ratio our software provides.

Some other features in our porn website blocker are multi-language filtering so porn website in other non native languages are also filtered out. An extensive porn website and keywords blacklist database is incorporated into the software.

The porn blocker allows you to keep a complete log of your children's browsing history so you can see a snapshot of the websites visited and the sort of material viewed such as files, images, music and other downloadable data.

If your child is computer savvy and knows the ins and outs of uninstalling software, then our porn blocker uses clever anti-install technology to prevent your child from removing the program from the desktop or laptop computer. Our software is quite simply the best porn blocker and completely blows away the competition.

Anyone looking for a top of the range free porn blocker should look know further and download porn blocker today. Everything you will need to protect your child from the harm of porn on the internet is included with our porn blocker download absolutely free.